Public Art Projects Completed & Installed

Boeing Corporation | Long Beach, CA | January 2019 | See Details | See Video of Project Here
Douglass Park Project. Former home to Mc Donnel Douglass Aircraft. Artist of Record Patrick Vogel. Product Walk. (8) 10’-0” high stainless and Bronze sitting on concrete sculpted in form with the stainless steel pedestal stainless. Each 304 stainless steel pedestal has been line direction sanded and edge detailed. The plates have been pre-acid etched prior to construction. Special build fixtures were made to insure accuracy and straightness. Once the plates were welded together, the entire pedestal was once again electro-acid etched. Our in-house preparatory process ensures no corrosive future deterioration.

THE FORMING WAVE | Mark Bixby Memorial | Long Beach, CA | January 2011 | See Details
Mark was a personal friend and a true man of action. He welcomed life and every chance to explore it. I became a helicopter pilot and he was my first passenger. When I told him I passed my FAA Helicopter Pilot test…He asked, “when can we fly?”…This was who he was, fearless. He was and is loved by many and is in our thoughts. After his premature passing, I wanted to make a home for his friends to visit within the city. We were fortunate enough to find a spot off the Long Beach bike path right near the ocean. We designed a stainless-steel wave. This wave is ready to break, this is when a wave has its most power. This was a simple metaphor to illustrate Mark and his tenacious eagerness to test his zeal for life. Some men think about the things they want to do. He did the things he wanted to do.

Train | Long Beach, CA | March 2010 | See Details
Patrick Vogel is the Artist of Record for the Orizaba Park. This project is for the RDA (Redevelopment agency). The location was one of the stops of the former Redline electric train that ran through several south land communities.

Santa Monica Parking Structure Artwork | Santa Monica, CA | 2010 | See Details
Hard Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Patrick Vogel Designs Inc. Engineered and Fabricated for Cliff Garten and associates.

Boeing Corporation | Long Beach, CA | March 2009 | See Details | See Video of Project Here
Patrick Vogel is the Artist of Record for the Douglas Park Project, sited on the former home of McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. Stainless-steel DC-8 wings are on sculpted concrete structures and serve as the grand entrance to the 262-acre park. Designed and Fabricated By Patrick Vogel.

Penny Farling | Long Beach, CA | Fall 2009 | See Details
The city of Long Beach has committed to being a bike-friendly city. Patrick Vogel was commissioned by the city of Long Beach to create a monument memorializing the beginning of the cities mission to be “The Most bicycle friendly city in America”  This was the only Art directly installed to the City hall building.

Six Sails in Motion | Redondo Beach, CA | Fall 2009 | See Details
Six Stainless Steel and Tempered glass sails. Patrick Vogel co-designed and engineered for Katie Spritz and Associates for the City of Redondo Beach.

Lancaster District | Forth Worth, TX | Winter 2008 | See Details
Patrick Vogel engineered and fabricated for Cliff Garten and Associates Inc. six 36’ high stainless-steel towers for the City of Fort Worth, TX.

Plane in Flight | Daugherty Field, Long Beach, CA | 2007 | See Details 
This project was designed and fabricated for the City of Long Beach, CA, and US Aero Corporation, Denver, CO. We chose two base materials: 1/4” stainless steel plate and 1/4” 200 series copper. The copper and stainless steel are welded in a union, allowing us to use make a structural pedestal. The sculpture has two different looks, depending on whether one travels up or down Spring St. The copper is used on the west faces of the sculpture and is only seen when traveling from west to east. When traveling in the opposite direction, the stainless steel is visible and the copper is hidden. This artificially creates a showing effect despite sun’s direction.

Spin Project | Long Beach, CA | 2006 | See Details

The Public Corporation for the Arts (PCA) commissioned this eight-foot-tall stainless steel bicycle sculpture as part of the Art for the “2006 Amgen Tour of California” Bicycle Race Celebration. The sculpture, a favorite of the judges was selected as the single structure to be installed at the entrance to the City of Long Beach, Parks, Recreation, and Marine Bureau Office. The second sculpture is comprised of multiple discarded bicycles. We reproposed the bicycle frames to spell LB.

Rotary Centennial Park | Long Beach, CA | 2005 | See Details 
The 6’ tall, 10’ long sundial sculpture was commissioned by the Rotary Club of Long Beach and the Long Beach Parks & Recreation Department. It is built from 3/16” 304 stainless steel and was hand TIG welded with a hard architectural edge finish. The finish was brushed, pickled, and passivated. This working sundial was designed with supervision from a consultant to the North American Sundial Society (NASS). This is a fully functioning sundial. Always letting neighborhood kids know what time it is.

116th Sammamish River Crossing | City of Redmond and King County, WA | 2005 | See Details
We created an undulating rhythmic never-ending curved section. We created the sculpture using 6063 aluminum and made custom extrusion dies which are for this project, exclusively. The curves are log rhythmic sections; no modern machine can make log-rhythmic sections. The individual sections were line grain sanded and hard anodized. We selected a dark gray color, which is in contrast to the concrete bridge. The sections are individually installed statically to create movement and flex under the demands of the bridge. Co-designed, engineering, and fabricated in our Long Beach shop.

9/11 Unity Monument
 | Signal Hill, CA | 2002 | See Details

The City of Signal Hill and many private donors commissioned Patrick Vogel to design and fabricate the 9/11 Unity Monument, a 16’ tall creation, featuring five dissimilar metals welded together. This monolithic rising and twisting structure symbolizes the rebirth of American unity in the wake of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center buildings.

Dragon Tail | Torrance, CA | 2001 | See Details
The Dragon Tail is made from a 3/16” aluminum sheet, hand TIG welded, and decorated with an epoxy finish. This sculptural work of art was exhibited in a Southern California Toyota flagship store in Carson, CA.

Wrigley Memorial
 | Avalon, Catalina Island, CA | 2000 | See Details

For the Wrigley Memorial, we scanned photos of Phillip and William Wrigley for the Catalina Conservancy and worked closely with Allison Wrigley to accurately capture the expressions of Phillip and William. We were able to create these low-relief sculptures by utilizing a 3D mapping and bit cloud surfacing process. Once the face sculptures were complete, we designed the pillar posts using Catalina tile art—the same art that can be found throughout the City of Avalon, CA. The bronze was machined on the same scale as the tile art. Each individual bronze was hand TIG welded and hand finished to mimic the look of solid cast pillars. The piece is located at the front entrance of the Wrigley Memorial on Catalina Island, CA, in the City of Avalon. Designed and built by Patrick Vogel.