Quay Work, Newport Beach CA I 2020-21

We were honored to be a part of this project. This area in Newport Beach California is one of the most expensive areas in the country per square foot. Located right on the Pacific Ocean…It doesn’t get any better… This area is called Mariners Mile. Once a collection of small boat yards dotted this area… The property features an impressive 36,000 Ft^2 of commercial real-estate. We were hired to co-design, layout and make the exterior Main Entrance Canopy, side aluminum and stainless-steel canopies, aluminum planters and finally the IPE over aluminum large scale furniture (100 degrees and 130 degrees loungers) The Main entrance canopy consisted of an aluminum interior super-structure with longitudinal aluminum pipe inserts and bulkheads on 24-inch centers. We made the interior bulkheads purposely out of aluminum to have a backing to mount the cross-diagonal marine plywood. After the plywood covered the canopy. The canopy was fiber glassed, and epoxy painted. The legs are 4”X4” X .120” wall 316 Stainless steel box tubing. We treated all the stainless steel with NL-19®. The entrance planter (sixty-five feet long) serves as a screen as you enter the property on a concrete ramp. Once on the landing the planter is tribute to sailing and one can make out a jib and a main sail outline. The smaller twenty-two-foot planter echoes a boat sail. The canopies are constructed out aluminum plate. All fully welded and sanded smooth to receive ¾” IPE wood. The wood was fastened to the aluminum and wood plugged (in the tradition of wood boat building) sanded smooth and oiled. The oversized furniture was made similar to the above planters. The side canopies are made out of 8”X3”X .375 “Architectural aluminum Chanel (Sharp edges) with the legs consisting of 4”X4” X .120” wall 316 Stainless steel box tubing. We treated all the stainless steel with NL-19®. And covered with 3/4” IPE Art Vent component. To satisfy the cities requirement to remove exhaust air in the lower parking areas. We created a vent cubic art component. The rectangular box sits on another rectangular pedestal. The Vent is our of ¼” marine grade aluminum with interior stiffeners. The vent has sharp architectural edges. The vent looks like a rectangular extruded section. All made with plate material. Sanded and epoxy painted.