Custom Furniture

Alma Bench | See Details
The Alma Bench is made from machined 6061 T-6 aluminum with 14 gauge 304 stainless steel runners. The runners are line grain-finished and electro-polished. The feet are made from machined 304 stainless steel and are electro-polished. This product has been sold all over the world. There is no better way to make this product. US Patent pending.

The Forever Pot | See Details
For our Stainless Steel Flower Pots, we use 8 gauge, 304 stainless steel that is nearly 3/16” of an inch thick. We edge weld the corners to create a perfect edge condition. The pots are then pickled and passivated to remove any heat-affected conditions. Finally, the pots are electro-polished to ensure there is no surface discoloration.

Diamond Plate Chair | See Details
The Diamond Plate Chair is made from 5000 series aluminum, polished and clear powder coated.

Diamond Plate Lounger | See Details
The Diamond Plate Chair is made from 5000 series aluminum, polished and clear powder coated.

Gold Nugget Mirror | See Details
The Gold Nugget Mirror consists of twenty-four 14-karat gold plated steel nuggets, welded out of 11 gauge cold rolled steel. The nuggets are mounted to a 1/8” thick stainless steel frame. The frame has internal stiffeners to maintain a straight surface for internal mirror mounting. The mirror can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. At 48” x 96”, the mirror has over $12,000 of gold plating on it. We’ve put more than 900 hundred hours of labor into this piece—it is one to behold.

Chromed Table | See Details
Mild steel construction, polished and triple copper color buffed. The table’s parts are all 1.5-hour heavy nickel with bright blue chrome.

Stainless Table | See Details
The table’s custom vertical legs are made from 1/8” stainless steel sheets. We used a water jet to form the leg at a 90-degree angle, which was then inserted into developed frames to support the tempered glass.

Chase Lounger | See Details

Modern Chair | See Details

Vogel Conference Table | See Details